19.03.20 NL Blog

Self isolating in Canada…


I wasn’t expecting to be sat in Toronto at this stage of the season but, as we all know, the situation with coronavirus has forced a few plans to be changed.

The positive is I’m now spending some time with my family at home. I left Australia after the GP was postponed and flew east back to Canada. I think I’ve pretty much flown full circle around the world since I took off from London to travel to Melbourne!

As with the rest of the people in the F1 paddock, I’m currently self isolating and doing my bit to limit the spread of the virus. My family are doing the same also.

It’s important to keep busy in this situation, so I’ve been making the most of the opportunity to do lots of training in my gym, watching movies and doing some home gaming.

I have a sim station at home in Canada that my younger brother’s been kindly keeping warm for me while I’m in Europe. I’ve been working to get that properly set up so I can hopefully take part in some of the upcoming eSports races. I’ll probably get my butt kicked, but it should be a lot of fun.

Keep well everyone. I’ll update you on my eSports plan shortly…


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