25.10.20 F1 Race Review

Portuguese GP – race review


Best lap1m21.859s


Today’s race got off to an exciting start. On the formation lap I could feel the track was damp in places and overall there was very little grip. From my position that was good. If it was up to me, I would have had the whole race like that!

My opening two laps felt pretty strong. There was a lot of slipping and sliding, so it was a case of picking where to put the car, guessing the grip, and I was able to make some nice overtakes.

Once the race settled down however it was clear I was lacking pace, and the windy conditions didn’t help – we know this is one of the areas we have to work on with the car.

That made it difficult to find any consistency. Trying to maximise the speed led to some big snaps at the wheel and lock-ups under braking. I did the best I could.

The team have more data to explore now, to see exactly why the pace wasn’t there. But again, from some of the performances in qualifying and the race, I know the car has potential.

So, another quick reset now before I get to explore another unexpected Formula 1 venue at Imola this week. The two-day format should be interesting, I enjoyed how it turned out at the Nürburgring, even though that was unplanned!

You have to be on it straight away, because there’s not much time to dial the car in. It’s a new circuit for everyone so hopefully as a rookie I can make the most of that and seize any opportunities that come my way.

One final thing. Do you remember the canoe paddle I made at the Russian GP? Well, it’s being auctioned to raise funds for Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium – two charities that help Canadian kids and families affected by childhood cancer.

The auction runs until 12 November, and I’m pleased to see bidding has got off to a good start! If you want to find out more, or put a bid in yourself, check out lot #63 here.

The Race

Race time1h30m01.078s
Best lap1m21.859s
Pit stops1

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