28.04.21 NL Blog

No home Grand Prix this year. But the future looks bright.


“So, by now you will have heard this year’s Canadian Grand Prix has been cancelled. As you can imagine it’s disappointing news for me – I didn’t expect to miss my home race in my first two seasons in Formula One.

“I know that the Canadian Government and the race promoters have been working very hard to try and find a solution, but with the very serious Covid situation at home it’s just not possible. For the health of everybody involved, I do believe it’s the correct decision.

“If there is any good news, it’s that the Canadian Grand Prix has renewed its F1 slot for another two years. So the future of my home race is looking very bright, and I hope to compete in many Canadian Grands Prix in the future.

“Until then, please stay safe and I hope to see you in Montreal next year.”



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