05.09.20 F1 Quali Blog

Italian GP – post qualifying update


Best lap1m21.717s


“Not an easy day for me, but as a team we always knew this one was likely to be tough because the high-speed Monza layout doesn’t suit the drag characteristic of the FW43.

At Monza you need straight-line speed and we are obviously lacking a bit here compared to the guys we want to be racing at Haas and Alfa Romeo.

I went into the session expecting it to be exciting and messy as everyone tries to get the tows that are so important with these cars.

My first lap wasn’t great, so I came in for some set-up changes. I’m happy these were a step in the right direction, even though it still wasn’t 100 per cent. A few little mistakes from me contributed to a less than perfect lap, but again it’s another new experience for me in this car and all part of the learning process.

I couldn’t count on a decent tow either. I got what I thought was a fortunate position towards the front of the train, so I could avoid the likely chaos behind, but the cars in front were the Mercedes and sadly the tow didn’t last long. After the first chicane they were gone…

I managed to improve on my benchmark time, despite the minimal tow, but even with it I’m not sure I had the pace today for Q2.

Even though I’ll be starting at the back I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow. Okay, we are lacking some pace, but it’s Monza, anything can happen, and I’m eager to get in the mix.”


10.09.2021 - 12.09.2021
Sprint QUSat16:30

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