11.10.20 F1 Race Review

Eifel GP – race review


Best lap1m32.377s


“Today’s racing return to the Nürburgring turned out to be pretty eventful – especially at the beginning and the end.

The start was an interesting challenge. Cool conditions meant the tyres weren’t biting like normal and the grip was on a knife edge.

I had some massive snaps here and there and lots of wheel-to-wheel action, it was a very lively time. But even though I was pushing hard, again we just didn’t quite have enough pace. There are still some general places where the car is lacking – but there was no one area to pinpoint this weekend.

After a calmer middle section, the race came alive again after the Safety Car and I enjoyed some good close racing – especially with Daniil Kvyat who I was defending for several laps.

It was high intensity stuff, pushing to the limit everywhere because I was on older tyres. Overall, I’d say I’m fairly pleased with my race, it’s just a shame we didn’t have more pace in the car.

I’ll be back to the UK on Monday, which is Thanksgiving day in Canada.

Last year I managed to get back to Toronto for the celebrations. We normally have loads of people round for a traditional roast turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potato, gravy – the works.

This year will be different because I’ll be at my apartment in London, so I’ll be holding a long distance celebration and joining the Toronto party on Facetime. Okay, it won’t be quite the same, but it’s always great to catch up with the home crowd!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

The Race

Race time1h36m44.090s
Best lap1m32.377s
Pit stops2

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