15.07.21 F1 Race Preview

Bringing it home at the British GP


“It’s back to action this weekend – and at my favourite track on the F1 calendar.

“For me, Silverstone has the ideal mix of fast and flowing sections, high-speed corners and a grippy surface. It is the perfect place to drive a modern-day Formula 1 car. I don’t think you can beat the feeling of exhilaration when you hook up a good lap, right at the limit.

“I’ve gone well at Silverstone in the past. It’s where I took my first Formula 2 victory in 2017, so it’s a special track and I always enjoy the chance to drive there.

“It’s also the home race for Williams, so we’ll be looking to do well for everyone at Grove, and hopefully give the fans something to smile about. The British are mad for F1 and to have a capacity crowd of 140,000 there on race day should be incredible.

“Silverstone is something of a home event for me, too. Unfortunately, F1 can’t make it to Canada again this year, but I’ve lived in London pretty much full time since 2015.

“The common language was a factor in choosing the UK as my European base – and I really like London. It is different from Toronto but it has a lot in common: it is multicultural, it has a very metropolitan feel, and has a city vibe that I like. When I first came to the UK I was based out in the countryside, and it didn’t suit me. In London I feel a lot more at home.

“Home it might be, but I don’t consider myself English. That was brought into focus at Sunday’s European Football Championship final when being half Italian meant I had to break with the Williams majority and cheer for Italy.

“The final result wasn’t the best for most of my team mates (sorry George) but I’ll do my best to bring a good result home this weekend!”




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