04.07.20 NL Blog

Austrian GP – post qualifying update


So, it’s been another big day with my first Formula 1 qualifying session after a rather lively FP3.

Before the final practice session, I was eager to get on track and reset after a difficult run during yesterday’s FP2.

I took my time the first few laps, slowly building up to the limit. But as my confidence grew, I pushed harder and took a few more risks. I got a big snap of wheelspin that caught me off-guard through Turn One and sent me into a tank-slapper – and ultimately into the wall.

Not a great moment of course, but not the first time a rookie has been caught out, and it won’t be the last. Also it wasn’t the first time this weekend that the corner caught someone out.

I wasn’t too worried about the crash, but what was disappointing was the way it affected qualifying. The lack of running really hurt my preparation and meant I didn’t have a proper reference going into the session. Also, although you want to push in qualifying, at the same time after having an accident, you don’t want to repeat the same thing.

Going into qualifying I was the calmest I’ve ever been. I was excited to get into it as you can use the low fuel, push the car to its limit, and see where you and the car are at.

I was pleased with the effort I made, and the outcome, considering the lack of preparation. I didn’t expect I was going to be as fast due to the missed laps in FP3. I wasn’t at my limit, and there were some little mistakes, so I know there’s more pace to be found.

All things considered I think it was a decent recovery. Now the focus shifts to Sunday and my F1 race debut. I’m keen to push for a positive outcome.


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