17.01.21 NL Blog

2020 in review, part 4: What’s next…?


As we gear up for the new season, I’m sharing my thoughts on some of the questions I’ve been asked after my rookie F1 season. This time: What’s the plan for 2021?

“Firstly, I hope the season goes ahead as planned – or as close to the plan as possible. There has already been some event shuffling in light of COVID, and of course, safety has to be the top priority. But as the vaccines get rolled out, hopefully the situation will start to improve. Looking purely at the racing, F1 has put together a terrific calendar and I’m excited to get going with it.

“I’m looking forward not being a rookie any more and having that sense of feeling more confident, more prepared and knowing what to expect – rather than discovering new things or experiences for the first time, like you do in your first season of F1.

“In some ways though, I feel I’ll be a rookie and a half, because I consider part of the F1 rookie experience to be learning all the new tracks you haven’t raced in previous years. Coming from F2, that’s tracks like Singapore, China, Suzuka and the ones in the Americas. Last year I missed a lot of the tracks that are normally on the calendar, so I’ll be experiencing them for the first time.

“Generally, I’m feeling excited and motivated to build on last year’s foundations. There are things I know I need to improve, and even areas when I know I’m strong I still want to take up to the next level. 2020 was a massive learning year. The plan for 2021 is to start where I left off, keep taking steps forward, and be able to look back on a stronger season come December.”


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